Mobile App User Guide

Mobile App Overview


Hi, welcome to the Membr mobile app user guide!

Your gym uses Membr fitness software to look after memberships, manage fitness classes, build workouts and much more besides. Our free fitness app will help you get the best from your membership and give you access to all the features listed below!

Video Guide

For a quick guide to all the main features, check out our short video! (~6 mins)

Main Features:

  • Communicate directly with your assigned trainer

  • Request tailored workouts

  • Record and monitor various health statistics

  • Download ready-made workouts from your gym or design your own

  • Log every weight/set/rep of the exercises and workouts you perform

  • Browse, pay (where applicable) and book fitness classes directly from your mobile

  • Set and monitor health goals

  • Access a vast library of hundreds of exercises, each complete with a visual guide showing how to perform it correctly and safely.

  • Access a library of gym-prepared workout videos*

  • Enter the gym safely using a QR code*

  • Browse and buy from a range of Rewards as part of your membership - these are discounted offers on a range of sporting goods*

  • Access a range of workout programmes provided by your gym or trainer - programmes are a series of workouts designed to achieve specific fitness objectives*

Easily find details about any of these by choosing a question/topic directly from the sidebar, or keep clicking Next below to step through all the help pages like a book!

*These features are not enabled at all gyms